Wednesday, May 30, 2012


We were welcomed with pouring rain and bone chilling wind during our day visit to Venice! Not the welcome we expected. So we did the only thing we could. Look for a warm restaurant to hang out until the rain stopped. Lesson learned, really should have checked the weather before taking the 2 hour train ride from Florence. In luck, things came around after lunch! Hurray for that! The rain stopped and we were finally able to explore the city.

View from the gondola dock.
When I saw this. It reminded me of Angelina and Johnny Depps movie the Tourist! It was in one of the scenes they shot!
Venice is also known as the City of Masks. The different variety of masks could be seen in mostly all of the street kiosks. 
I've always wanted to imitate those flocked with pigeon moment you usually see in the movies. So what the heck, I grabbed the chance i could. Had some crackers stored in my bag, yes my "baon" and tried it. :) It was just wicked! Problem was, later on I was reprimanded by some officer! Found out we're not allowed to feed the birds. :) 
P.S. Lookie! There's a guy taking my photo? paparazzi alert! feeer much? haha. 

Here's a few shots where I didn't look scared and stupid. haha.
If you're wondering what's that stripe thingy hanging from my bag. That's my mom's LV scarf. It really didn't compliment my ensemble so I tied it in my bag which made it looked more weird. haha. 
Cardigan - Zara | White Polo - H&M | Laced Shorts - Zara | Boots - Nine West
When I saw those lace shorts from the stacks I knew I just have to buy them. My mom insisted I buy all the colors. Guess where I get my shopping manners from? haha.

Well, that's about it. 'til my next post. :) Keep your head up guys and keep smiling! :)

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