Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wish i could be Forever 21

Forever 21 is finally in Davao! On the brightside I no longer have to wait for summer vacations in Manila or else where to shop at F21. But on the downside, I don't have enough savings in my pocket anymore! (We kind of know how shoppaholic I could get! ) I even visited the store thrice already! Anyways, I got so lucky to get a hold of a ticket for the private oppening last Sept.27. 

Had so much fun shopping with the girls that night. Tip: If your going shopping in heels, make sure to wear the most comfortable shoes you have or else your feet will die in pain. 

For this event, I opted for something simple yet classic. Because i know we would go shopping afterwards so i wore something comfortable which is most important to me, I never wear somthing that I'm not comfortable with. And thank God I always find good pair of shoes. Dont ever buy shoes that are painful to walk on even if its too beautiful because your gonna be sorry after your feet starts to feel sore.


Here is what I wore that night
Dress: Mango
Shoes: Syrup USA