Monday, May 6, 2013

The First of Summer

It's officially summertime! Hoorah!! I'm so excited my adrenaline is still pumping like crazy. Well the title clearly says first which means there's more to come. oh yeah.

First stop, Sta. Cruz Island here in Zamboanga City. It is known for its pink sand and a good place just for pure relaxation and unwinding.

To go to the island you need a security escort for your own safety. Peace and order is unpredictable, we never know.

The sun is shining bright, what a perfect day for the beach. 

This is what they call the pink sand, it's a mixture of white sand and crushed red corals which gives it the pink/orange shade

I was really tempted to touch that but it was loaded so... never mind. haha

Happy mode. I just love going to the beach, wind in my hair, sand in my feet, smell of fresh breeze. Ah, feels like paradise. 

Caught some Starfishes! Really cool colors, what a lovely sight!

Me (don't know what I'm doing,) just enjoying the cool waters. 

My Sisters doing the mandatory jump shot by the beach haha :)

While I was walking, can't help but feel so awed when i saw this it was so sweet i wished i brought my dog with me. 

A genius idea to enjoy the water without too much of the sun. 

Yey! that sums up my Sta Cruz Island adventure. :)