Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday stroll

Had the perfect weather to wander the small streets of Roma and take photos of the charming sights and restaurants.♥
Just have to take a photo of these cute Pinocchio's displayed in street stands.
After having our late lunch. Went to see the Pantheon. Below is a photo of the pantheon's ceiling which allows natural light to illuminate the basilica.
If you're wondering. Photo's of me are taken by my awesome little brother Dryw. 
Here's what I wore today.  Cardigan & Top - Zara | Skirt & Necklace - Bershka | Boots - Office
Will have something in store for you in my next posts. More photos about my trip. I'll end here since I still have a bundle of stuffs I need to pack. My luggage is in a lot of mess and I'm not even sure if everything would fit! haha☺

Have a great day ahead guys! ☀


  1. I love the Pinocchio puppets!!! Nice photos dear. See you when you get back xxxo

    1. thank you dear! <3 See you! <3 excited to see the new doggie :)