Sunday, May 27, 2012

Not So Little

For those who will be reading this, let's just say this post is a hush hush. I will be sharing to you a jaw dropping mansion located in my barangay in Zamboanga city. This is our lovely home, haha just kidding! This is owned by one of the biggest sardines brand in the country. I won't tell you which brand because I might get sued or something for sharing this to you. 
That's me feeling childish and playing at the inflated playground. Haha What can I say, I always feel like a kid just like Peter Pan I still don't wanna grow old and live in Neverland.
That's the swimming pool where we we privileged to dip into later on that afternoon. 
I wish we also have a mini theater room at our home so that I could just watch movies anytime I want.
Oh my! I'm so envious of how well organized their kitchen cabinet is. If only our is half as neat then I would already be glad. :)
This is one of their guest rooms and I was like, can I live here? haha
This is the master bedroom. Too bad I wasn't able to take a picture of the walk-in closet which was as huge as the bedroom. Even bigger than Carrie's closet in Sex and the City 2 or Jennifer Garner's closet in 13 going on 30. Someday, I shall have my own too. :)

So, That's it! That's the end of the tour. Ciao! 

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