Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Red White and Blue

Watch- Dad's Old Tag-heuer | bracelet- Pandora | Shoes - Repetto | Shirt from my brother's closet | Shorts - Abercrombie and Fitch | Prada Bag

Got back from our month long trip last saturday! But since I still have a couple of days to burn before I'm back to my nerdy school life. I spent the day with what any girl loves... Shopping! I promised myself this would be my last? haha.
I'm rarely a fan of pants. But these leigh pants from Topshop are too soft and comfy to refuse! Plus, school's back on June which means back to dress codes banning us from wearing clothes exposing the shoulders and knees. What a bummer right?
My favorite Five Star Mead notebook. I study better with them. haha
My lips just love T.LeClerc ! If you're like me whose lazy to constantly put on lipstick then I'm sure you'll love this too. They're the perfect long wearing lip and cheek stain. Truth is. I've been splurging a lot on cosmetics these past couple of months and I don't even know when I'd be able to use all of them. 

PS. Going to have my partial root canal tomorrow which terrifies me. Boo! :( Wish me luck! 

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