Monday, April 16, 2012

Culinary Enlightenment?

I'm no cook. Despite that, last sunday I tried to take over the kitchen and tried my non- existent culinary skills. haha. I'm confident i can follow a recipe, or maybe i was. It was a hit and miss affair, not entirely though. The cake didn't rise, the icing wasn't sticky enough, and the chicken marsala looked weird.
Chocolate mudslide, the name speaks for itself. haha
Don't let the photo deceive you. It actually tastes good! haha. (Chicken Marsala)
Au contraire, You judged me too soon. However, my vaguely distinguished skills. Everything was still palatable! I guess I'm a step closer to beating those Junior Master Chef. haha. Also did baked shrimps, potato soup and lumpia curry. Was too hungry and tired to take pictures of the rest. If you've noticed we cooked all this in one day. Really tried every course of the meal.   
Waldorf Salad (recipe from simply recipes)
penne rigate with picadillo sauce (from Good Housekeeping 

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